Nov 5, 2021

"Home Burial" nominated for a Pushcart Prize

It was an accident, is what I’ve heard—in the war, why they asked my grandmother to do it. The winter of 1945 was long and cold, with puddles freezing overnight late into the spring. Yashima, delivering the draft by bicycle, was the only one using the roads at night, and nobody could warn him of where there was ice ahead...

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Sep 20, 2019

"Seven Mistranslations" wins the Great Midwest Poetry Contest

My dear friend: you learned to laugh with unintentional humor. You learned to cheat just a little to make it through. You taught yourself survival in two places at once...
Read the rest of this poem in The Midwest Review, Vol. 7. Currently only available in print.

Jun 16, 2019

"Preparations, 2015" in Storyscape Journal

Maybe there’s nothing I could have said to my mother on that ladder, who turns from the window and sees her whole life spread out before her...
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Mar 7, 2019

"Litmus Test" wins the 2018 Up North Poetry Prize

I tell you there is
a whole world of tests...
Read the rest of this poem in Up North Lit, along with comments by the contest judge, Kai Carlson-Wee.

Oct 23, 2018

"My Mother Takes Me to a Public Bath" wins the 2018 Force Majeure Flash Contest

The woman at the window leans over her counter until I can see her missing teeth beneath the prune of her lips, and she winks at me and calls me cute, and I, a child who expects nothing less, squeeze my mother’s fingers, twist from the anchor of her hand like a chime...
Read the rest of this story in Storm Cellar Quarterly.

Feb 5, 2017

"A Shark is an Animal That Blushes When You Touch Its Face" in Pacifica Literary Review

A shark has a hide like a rhino’s that bruises like the thinnest skin. When frightened they go pale. When touched on the snout, the pads of your fingers leave patterns like swirling rain...
Read the rest of this story in Issue #9 of the Pacifica Literary Review! Currently available for purchase online or in bookstores including at San Francisco's Green Apple Books.

Dec 18, 2016

"Last Typhoon in Kyoto" in NANO Fiction

Do you remember? we said. All the storms that didn’t come. Once a year, every year, every year until tonight. Maybe the last time will finally be the one...
Read the rest of this (extremely short, 150-word) story in NANO Fiction Vol. 10, Number 1. Currently only available as part of a print or ebook issue.